Working closely with Addatif, we produced a 3D print of my head and shoulders wearing headphones. The idea was to capture the intimacy of the time spent recording and editing guests for the original thinking and creative innovation podcast, Arrest All Mimics.

Then back in the studio, I created a full set and painted directly onto the 3D print with ink, paint and spray paint. I wanted the feel to evoke wonder, possibility and reflect the organic, human feel of the show. Lettering hand painted with brush and indian ink.

3D print painted with ink and brush, hand lettering and drawing

Arrest All Mimics podcast portrait poster design, 3D print, photography, paint, ink and spray paint illustration

3d print before painting and illustration

Ink brush illustration in progress on 3d print set design

Paint and ink detail on 3d print

acrylic paint and ink illustration, art direction and design

Progress detail of 3d print painted, with drawing, set design and ink illustration


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