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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

The great thing about starting the Arrest All Mimics podcast is, well... many things. Not only do I get to spend an hour sitting in cafes, studios, pubs and on trains with fascinating individuals and groups, talking about great ideas and projects, but I really do have a brand new blank canvas of a new kind.

This far, most of my writing, public speaking and chatting in interviews has been about my own journey and creative work, in illustration and design. But now, the spotlight falls on my guest from week to week. 

It dawned on me then, that this was a fantastic opportunity to take a curious side step away from the Ben Tallon drawing led style to trial a new idea. Upon moving into my Greenwich studio, I met Shaz from Addatifa lady doing many things including 3D printing. To see the process with my own eyes blew my mind. I mean, this stuff is revoluntionary on a number of levels.

It was during a drunken conversation one night that I expressed a desire to paint directly onto the 3D printed resin models she produced. It took one year to stumble upon the right opportunity, but when I decided Arrest All Mimics needed a refreshing look, I got on the phone to Shaz. A morning drinking coffee whilst Shaz scanned my large head, complete with headphones, followed by a very amusing session on my art studio with brushes, indian ink and emulsion and here you have it! The sample below is the finished article, but check out the whole series of images here.

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