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Standing by the kettle, Ray Richardson, a brilliant London painter, tells me before we record our conversation for my Arrest All Mimics podcast, that he studied at Goldsmiths University at the same time as Damien Hirst.

Both men have been successful in their artistic careers and yet they couldn’t be any further apart in terms of their character evolution.

Ego is a curious thing – undoubtedly destructive – and it’s been suggested before now that the quality of Hirst’s work has perhaps suffered as a result of it. After all, to some degree, the way we view ourselves tends to be shaped by the way others behave around us, and success above a certain level can change that.

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An ego moment

Richardson though, is welcoming, polite and passionate about London Soul, his brilliant solo show at Beaux Arts this month.

Shortly after chatting with Ray, I had my own ego moment when I was stunned to learn that, despite being a freelancer, I had won a highly unlikely Creative Agency of the Year award at the inaugural Dot London Small Business Awards – an official nod for my increasingly eclectic visual communication work...

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