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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

About The Episode

Designers Block are a superb outfit. With three people at the core, they put on huge events, exhibitions, talks, showcases in the most fascinating of spaces.

I am joined by Rory and Bud to discuss the journey so far, the changes they have experienced over the years since their beginnings in 1998 and where they see the design industry heading.

Why Listen?

Designers Block saw the wealth of rich design and harnessed creative talent from many disciplines way before it was popular to do so. They pioneered many unconventional uses of spaces that were unused, or underutilised. Creative thinkers indeed, they share ideas and tales of pouncing before anyone else. The respect for these guys industry wide is impressive, so an hour spent with them in Hoxton is not to be missed. 

Episode 38 goes live Tuesday, 11am here.


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