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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

Some of my mates doing a graphic design degree left me biting my nails to the quick when they announced proudly that the companies that had taken them on during their placements had offered them full-time roles with a starting salary of £25k. It made me take a stern look at my own degree, in illustration, and face the harsh truth that a full-time employment role in my field is extremely rare.

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That was 2006. The world is now at the mercy of a fully grown digital revolution that was then still peering over the play gate. Chances are, if you’ve just graduated, you’ve seamlessly grown into that digital landscape and are now standing at the freelance/employment fork in the road, hair still plastered to your head from the mortarboard that helped put real life off, just a little longer, for the camera. Both routes are fraught with many pros and cons, but thanks to the warp-speed technological advances of the last decade, roles are not as easily defined as the courses you chose from the university prospectus.

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