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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

I’ll be working live with G-Star Raw over the next few weeks. The high-street clothing retailer have brought me in to customise their fashion apparel for the launch of their autumn/winter 2016/17 season collection. I’m working alongside fellow illustrator Willkay Oddking on the following dates. Here’s a preview the pilot customised outfit! Come say hello and if you need some new jeans, you might just get them inked.


Thursday 13th October, 3-8pm, G-Star Raw, Unit SU 1073, Ground Floor, Westfield, Stratford City, London, E20 1EP

Thursday 20th October, 3-8pm, G-Star Raw, U1139, Westfield, Ariel Way, White City, London, W12 7SL

Thursday 27th October, 3-8pm, G-Star Raw, 272-274, Oxford Street, London, W1C 1DU


Fashion, fashion design, custom outfit, fashion designer, fashion illustration, fashion art, clothes, ink illustration, london illustrator, live illustration


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