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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

About The Episode

Danny Allison was my guest one year ago, the first of many and his episode continues to be a popular one. Sharing a considerable amount of experience on both sides of the illustration and photography divide, he takes us through his year in Dubai working as both a photographer and illustrator, charting why a change of environment can be a major creative boost. He talks about his skateboarding roots, how the injury that ended his career on wheels turned out to be the advent of his landmark work in design and visual communication and why unique personalities are the holy grail in the arts.

Why Listen?

Danny's passion and honesty are infectious and he shares golden illustration and creative industry advice that took him years to attain. You could not hope to meet a more open, fiery individual and his unconventional journey can teach us all valuable lessons. Having shared a studio with him for years, I can back this up!


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