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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

The six months after my graduation were like a vicious, uncompromising pelt to the chops with a cold, wet fish. I struggled, trying to come to terms with the realisation that my education had come to an end and I didnt have much of a clue what to do next.

That's why I wanted to talk to a range of lecturers, graduates, students and those in industry to paint the picture that you all face come the first September out of education.

Why Listen?

Every single person has an individual set of circumstances. There are no rights or wrongs, only a path that just you will tread. That's why I talked to people at different stages, to make that clear. Some are scared, some are excited, some have a job, some are going back to mum and dad. What's your story? This is the graduation special.


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