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When I moved to London, I still held on to the fantasy that in this ever-evolving cultural behemoth, I would be made complete.

Maybe I was naïve. En route to a project meeting with an ad agency in Covent Garden this week, I count five homeless guys in retail outlet doorways, and two Café Neros, Costa Coffees, and Pret a Mangers, respectively. Big corporations rule central London, and it is following a creative writing evening course that someone raises the question: “How many public spaces are there left that you can enter without spending any money?”

Ink face, hand drawn holding UK budget briefcase, hand drawn

The Times newspaper’s front cover tells me Amazon warehouses are getting a sweeter business rates deal than high-street stores, and only two weeks later, we learn of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s (since reversed) lazy grab at the self-employed for more national insurance. Big business Star Wars are underway and I worry that when the Death Star disconnects from the European Union (EU) altogether, we’ll realise we’re in trouble.

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