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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

About The Episode

Ray Richardson studied at Goldsmiths University at the same time that Damien Hirst cut his teeth, shortly before the whole Young British Artists movement gathered pace.

Taking a slightly quieter route that Hirst, Ray Richardson has been described as 'the Martin Scorsese of painting' by GQ Magazine, owing to his filmic compositions, often revealing enough of a dynamic city scene, before taking away the full story, creating a powerful intrigue.

I'm often cool on the idea of comparisons in an industry where respect is built on originality and I prefer to champion the wonderful work of a man who goes about his business without the fuss that surrounded the conceptual scene of his mid 1990s contemporaries.

I head down to Ray's Woolwich studio, where he grew up and we get the kettle on.

Why Listen

Ray Richardson knows the London art scene. He has the basics down to a tee. His work is based on technical ability, a keen eye for a moment and exudes a cool that we can seldom attain. He shares his journey, his travels and advice on the creative industry. This kind of wisdom and experience is not available to buy. Take it all in!


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