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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

About The Episode

It's a bright morning in Brooklyn, Williamsburg to be exact, when I meet Miss Led. I'm a little bit pissed off. New York has a habit of swallowing you whole and spitting you back out a mere fraction of the excitable child you arrived as. I've spent 10 days here with my brother and as ever, I'm inspired, overjoyed, knackered and slightly emotional.

Jo Henley, a.k.a Miss Led has arrived in some sort of relay, my last act is to take an hour of her trip to find out what kind of journey brough her to this position of strength, right up there amongst the best artists and illustrators in the world today.

With an overwhelming online following and a manic schedule, Miss Led leaves me eager to get our chat edited and shared with anyone who ever felt like they'd hit a brick wall after university, college or at any point during the pursuit of a career in the creative industry.

Why Listen?

Find out why, pop on that kettle and be reminded, we all follow a path that is never right or wrong, but merely is our own. Miss Led is a great motivator in her passion and it took her eight years after graduation to get started. That should be fuel to all of us.


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