Ben Tallon Illustration
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - Ben Tallon Illustration Champagne and Wax Crayons - Ben Tallon Illustration
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a few words about illustration and art-direction. are the third Arrest All Mimics official supporter. They come on board keen to support the creative industry, featuring creatives regularly on their blog.

I've been using to produce my flyers for the show as well as my new promotional booklet and wanted to see if they'd be interested in getting on board with the podcast.

I wasn't quite expecting to be received as well as I was and we very quickly agreed to strike up a working relationship, including a forthcoming freelance creative industries advice column! Check them out - many many options for beautiful printed goodies, user-friendly and fully customisable., print, ben tallon podcast, arrest all mimics, artwork, artist, ink, design advice, freelancing, freelancer, illustration, creative industry


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