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a few words about illustration and art-direction.

I’ve only had one very fleeting moment in my relationship that you could class as bickering. It happened in a south east London Sainsbury’s when my girlfriend insisted on buying Heinz beans over the 39p own-brand option. In the end, after some robust body language and exasperated sighs, we compromised at Branston.

I routinely balk at spending more than £1 on toothpaste or find myself blindsided by a £5 London beer, then, in the same hour, happily sanction the release of £350 from my savings account in return for a 3D print of my head.

My perception of finance vastly differs between everyday living goods and investing in my creative work.

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The need for ongoing investment

In 2006, after university, I was fortunate enough to partake in a mentorship scheme which meant that following six weeks of writing business plans and attending very useful mentorship sessions, I was awarded enough money to buy the bare essentials required to start trading as what was then Ben and Ink Illustration.

I had just spent six months in post-graduation limbo, since I could not afford a Macbook and scanner. The need for ongoing investment in a creative practice was made abundantly clear.

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